Kitchen & Dining, Bregenz - Private House - A project

Kitchen & Dining, Bregenz – Private House

The project in Bregenz was initially a kitchen renovation which developed into a restyle of both the living and dining area. The brief; stylish, timeless with a hint of cool. A high specification on all furniture and equipment and a space ready for entertaining.

In the kitchen, green cabinets were teamed with leather seating and marble surfaces, including a marble waterfall kitchen island. One focal point was the Range cooker direct from Welter and Welter in Cologne, teaming function and style.

In the living and dining area panelling was used on the slopping walls to add texture to the room. A large dining table with leather seating fills the room while a small cocktail bar adds that extra detail.

The space was also designed to house and display several original pieces of artwork and furniture including an original Saarinen Tulip table

To create the right ambience and effect throughout the space lighting consultants were used throughout.

Consulting, Interior Design, Lighting, Renovation