Chickroom Interior Design Studio offers a wide range of design, including interiors, renovations, lighting concept and consulting. Our work is to find the perfect merge between color, style and texture with functionality and order. Our process is highly collaborative, we begin by identifying your needs and how you want your home to be and function. We draw inspiration and create a unique concept.



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Interior Design
Full service

Your perfect home

A comprehensive package that manages the project every step of the way. From the design concept to the final decorative touches.  

Interior design
half service

Halfway there!

A provision whereby we can create a detailed design concept which includes mood boards, sample boards, material samples, and drawings.

Or, we can help you to achieve an already defined concept by managing the project execution processes until completion.  

designer for a day

collaborative design

A shared design session offering our expert knowledge and guidance to help you to achieve your specific design query or project in a limited timeframe. 

designer by my side

Knowledge and experience at hand

An ongoing service provision that much like Designer for a Day aims to support and help you achieve your design project. We can recommend paint colours, source and select finishes and furnishings, meet and negotiate with services providers among other tasks.   


networking and recommendations

Through our well established and trusted relationships with our providers we can offer consultations in paint and colour enquiries, upholstery, carpentry, kitchen and bathroom design and lighting. 

Additionally we offer SHOPPING SERVICES, to help you source and select the best option for your project. HOUSE STAGING, whereby we style your home or property in preparation for sale. And our DISPLAY WINDOW service works to create an interesting and eye-catching display for your shop or company

Our collaborative partners

Chickroom works together with other agencies to provide you with a full-service solution from building, financing, project management (Schwarz ZB) furniture restoration (Damaged) to organizing and accessorizing every corner of your home (Organisiert).

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Office goals. At the back of this office a dark and uninspiring room was brought back to life as a delightful and alluring meeting space. ⁠
The beautiful wood panels not only visually stunning but aiding the acoustics in the room. A large black table, complete with brown leather chairs, adding comfort and luxury, whilst the lighting fixtures in gold and glass cast a warm and welcoming glow. ⁠
Im Hinterzimmer dieses Büros wurde ein dunkler Raum in einen attraktiven und interessanten Besprechungsraum umgewandelt. ⁠
Die schönen Holzpaneele sind nicht nur optisch beeindruckend, sondern unterstützen auch die Akustik im Raum. Ein großer schwarzer Tisch mit braunen Lederstühlen sorgt für Komfort und Luxus, während die Beleuchtung in Gold und Glas ein warmes und einladendes Licht ausstrahlt. ⁠
Why paint a ceiling? Why not!! To create a smart and professional atmosphere in this real estate office we chose a clean, sharp white for the walls with a square panelling addition to add a subtle contrast. For the ceilng we opted for a beautiful, dark, dusky blue—a color that not only made a striking impression but also the ability to expand the perceived space.⁠
Um eine elegante und professionelle Atmosphäre in diesem Immobilienbüro zu schaffen, wählten wir ein klares, scharfes Weiß für die Wände mit einer quadratischen Paneele, um einen Kontrast hinzuzufügen. Für die Decke entschieden wir uns für ein schönes, Dunkelblau - eine Farbe, die nicht nur einen auffälligen Eindruck macht, sondern auch die Möglichkeit bietet, den wahrgenommenen Raum zu erweitern.⁠
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What were we trying to acomplish in this meeting area? A space that is warm and inviting. That feels comfortable yet professional whilst looking stylish and distinctive. I think we did it. ⁠
Was wollten wir mit diesem Meeting-Bereich erreichen? Ein Raum, der warm und einladend ist. Ein Raum, der komfortabel und doch professionell ist und dabei stilvoll und individuell aussieht. Ich denke, das ist uns gelungen.
Teamwork makes the Dreamwork. ⁠
The whole team including our latest and cutest member! We care for each other. We trust each other. We believe in each other. And we know when we have to just laugh it out. ⁠
Das gesamte Team, einschließlich unseres neuesten und niedlichsten Mitglieds! Wir kümmern uns um einander. Wir vertrauen einander. Wir glauben an einander. Und wir wissen, wann wir einfach nur darüber lachen müssen⁠
#interiordesignideas #interiordesigner #creative #renovation⁠
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Research ⁠
We are always on the look out for inspiration, ideas, insights. ⁠
Research is a fundamental part of our job and a part that we truly love. ⁠
Wir sind immer auf der Suche nach Inspiration, Ideen, und Erkenntnissen. Forschung ist ein grundlegender Teil unserer Arbeit und ein Bereich, den wir wirklich lieben⁠
#interiordesignideas #interiordesigner #creative #renovation⁠
#interiordesigninspiration #interiordesigninspo #designer #deco #interiors #inspiration #interiør #interiorstyling #interior123 #interiordecorating #entrepreneurlife #dornbirn #vorarlberg
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About the chicks


Ivette Rosales

Born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, Ivette was hugely influenced by the city’s modernity and its traditional colorful folklore. Ivette discovered her passion for design at a young age, her work is inspired by her surroundings and travels, as described by her “a visual explosion of colors and textures filled with the people’s personalities”. When she’s not in the studio, you’ll find her playing with her two beautiful children, having a home-made dinner with her husband or having a coffee with friends.


Martha Böhler

Martha was asked to join Chickroom in July 2021 and eagerly accepted the offer. Born and raised in Leicester, England and with a background in Marketing, she was ready to reignite her interest in interior design and furniture upcycling with her dear friend Ivette. She credits her upbringing in an urban and culturally diverse city to her approach to design. When Martha isn’t in the studio, she can be found spending time with her husband and two children, out and about with friends or crafting.


Anna Katharina Blocher

Anna joined the team in April 2023 after moving back to Vorarlberg from Iceland, where she had lived and worked for many years. Her studies in Design, Handwerk and materielle Kultur in St.Pölten have played a pivotal role in shaping her creative journey. When she isn’t working with Chickroom, she is renovating her family home, including furniture restoration. Anna’s knowledge, experience and unwavering enthusiasm in design have greatly strengthened our upcycling projects.